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Jeffrey R. Smith  | Ajodah Seenarine  | Megan Madara

Jeffrey R. Smith, Music Director of the Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale

An alumnus of the Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale, Smith stepped into the position of Music Director in 2004 and has since led the choir on concert tours in Alaska, Panama, Costa Rica, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay and China. Under his direction, the choir has performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Pennsylvania Ballet, and Peter Nero and the Philly Pops; at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, and Carnegie Hall; for Barack Obama, Laura Bush, and Julie Andrews; in numerous Philadelphia television appearances and nationally on Good Morning, America and Backstage with Barry Nolan. Smith is also the assistant conductor for Peter Nero and the Philly Pops. In June 2007 he made his Philly Pops conducting debut, filling in for Nero at the opening performance of The Mann Center for the Performing Arts, starring Broadway legend Jennifer Holliday.

He is a 1999 summa cum laude graduate of Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Music in Composition. After graduation, Smith moved to the New York City area and played piano on Broadway for Jane Eyre and off-Broadway for Summer '69, Taking a Chance on Love, Abie's Island Rose and Suburb. His vocal and instrumental arrangements have been performed Off-Broadway, as well as by the Ocean City Pops and Peter Nero and the Philly Pops, and can be heard on the cast recording of Taking a Chance on Love (Original Cast Records). While in New York, he also played for Bette Midler and Broadway stars Rebecca Luker, Mark Jacoby, and Judy Kaye. He currently resides in Haddon Township, NJ with his wife, Carla, and their two sons, Elijah and Isaac.
”The education I received at Conservatory Without Walls was top-notch. The teachers assessed my musical abilities and continued to push me forward to reach my potential...They have teachers that can provide that instruction - for beginners to the most advanced”. - Jeffrey R. Smith, Music Director, Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale

Jeffrey R. Smith  | Ajodah Seenarine  | Megan Madara

Ajodah”Steve” Seenarine II

Highly versitle this producer, performer has worked onstage and off to help produce scores of pieces original, cover and with a wide variety of genres. THE musical MAN of a 1000 faces...the symphony in disguise... the one they've called the "maestro" invites you to search about either me or the very talented array of musicians and artisans i have worked with.... totally classical pianism, liszt, scriabin, prokofiev, rachmaninov and scarlatti... ....later it allowed me expand into every phase of the music i perform and produce today....i am a leo... although astrology doesn't really figure into how my realities have been shaped, but in other ways i have a lets say leonine personality... 1965 featured young artist at the new york Worlds fair... i still have the photo of whom they called the amazing musical child standing in front of the huge unisphere globe. but every true talent must be forged by intense education, personal drive, support of great parents and family ( somtimes..smiles) and a superb teacher. my fantastic teacher Anthony Casario developed me into a rather unique child talent in the virtuoso vein. Anthony Casario made created a huge portion of the artist i became at the haddonfield conservatory...and using franz liszt as a model, he shaped and eventually allowed me to teach years later for seven years with conservatory without walls in moorestown n.j. 1981 ajodah was heavily involved with the history making sound and light productions done with francisco de araujo the brilliant director and producer, in jerusalem israel. upon return to the US i continued to pursue and become a very accomplished stage performer.... using my background from classical music i became a top notch arranger and professional performer in practically every area of todays music, whether R&B, Jazz, Rock or Hip Hop,

i have done some pretty impressive things. today you can find a great many of my original soundbeds and other tracks i've either co- produced or performed on at the the 1990's i establish myself out of the city where caruso made his music,( believe it or not) CAMDEN,NJ. discovered by the great bassist Jimmy Williams ( of the world famous O'Jay's) i began to work in the smooth jazz/ R&B group "Da Unit" along with Ralph Jennings ..and for a decade we performed practically every type of gig you can imagine.needing to have a further expression of my own capabilities as a solo performer i helped to establish a musical production team of my own called "THiN LiNE" where we did first rate covers of such an ecletic array of great from my originals, like "slaves 2 the pump" or "aftermath of war", i really have met with acclaim with the versions of steely dan ( STEELY DAN IN COLOR ) gino vannelli ( the GIST OF GINO )and al jarreau (AJ in JAR ) pieces we do, but we also cover heavy funk stuff by prince, cameo, P-funk and yet we stretch as wide as wayne other words we have a serious production team...i will be posting my originals on the site ......2006... i was featured on the nationally televised show...THE PEOPLE'S COURT TV SHOW.... this feature of me as a defendant in a case that involved one of my music productions gave me just the publicity i needed to prove that my productions speak for themselves, because the evidence that WON the case for me,was not my penetrating persuasion with that pretty red headed judge ( marilyn millian) was the MUSIC itself that made me a winner.and because it is my quest to use this wonderful gift God bestowed upon me all i ask is that you stay IN friends are special and many of the select friends you see or read of featured on my myspace are people i actually have worked with and's a smile for those who love me and a sigh for those who hate, but whatever is your view of me, here's a heart for every fate....f.liszt music layout @ MyHotComments

Click here to read ”An Appreciation of Anthony Casario” by Ajodah ”Steve” Seenarine II

Jeffrey R. Smith  | Ajodah Seenarine  | Megan Madara

Megan Madara

Megan Madara was born and raised in NJ just across the river from Philadelphia. The 18-year old singer/songwriter began singing at a very young age and soon realized she needed something to accompany her voice. Megan started guitar lessons at the age of ten and fell in love with the versatility of the instrument. While growing up, she was influenced by many artists and others in her life such as her uncle who taught her Lenny Kravitz and Indigo Girls songs as a child. These influences lead Megan to the creative outlet of songwriting. In 2008, Megan self-released her debut album ”Along the Way” with seven original songs. An iTunes listener comments on Megan's first album by saying, ”I applaud Megan for creating such a meaningful and a deep collection of stories that help people realize that it is important to stop and enjoy life sometimes.”

Throughout high school, she performed at many local venues and charity events both solo and with a variety of musicians. In her jazz classes, Megan befriended guitarist Nate Lord and drummer Jamie Hagerty.

As Megan continued to write for her current album, the four performed at many local venues and eventually recorded this album with James Whitescarver of Blixyz Studios in Cinnaminson, NJ. Megan strived to make this new album very diverse with influences from folk, jazz, rock and reggae. In the summer of 2010, Megan self-released this second album ”Finally There” featuring band members Nate Lord on guitar, Jamie Hagerty on drums, and Antonio Gandia on bass. Megan attends Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, studying Music Business and Guitar. With having a family home in Westport on the southeast coast of MA, she looks forward to performing in the Boston area and exploring the craft of songwriting.

To find music, photos, videos and more, please visit

Click here to check out Megan Madara's music on iTunes.

”When I was asked to give my recommendation of Conservatory without Walls, I could only think of one word - preparation. I was in 4th grade when most other kids in school were learning instruments for band or orchestra; and myself, on the other hand, just wanted to rock out with my guitar and voice. Conservatory without Walls provided a great place for me to learn my instrument outside of school and they also provided fantastic teachers to guide me along my musical journey. I began my guitar lessons with John Flaggler who taught me all the rudimentary techniques and skills to be able to perform and write my own music. As I became more serious with my music and began considering going to college for music, I began lessons with Antonio Gandia, who truly prepared me to be a well-rounded musician as well as preparing me for my admission audition for Berklee College of Music. Conservatory without Walls provides quality educators to prepare musicians for their goals and aspirations. I attribute much of my success as a musician to the inspiring, knowledgeable, and talented teachers that I was fortunate enough to work with. I would highly recommend Conservatory Without Walls to anyone of any age for any instrument. - Megan Madara

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